P.A.M. Soil Conditioner
Complete Green House and Patio Plant Nutrients
Benefits of using P.A.M.
PAM will make friable, well-structured soils. The beneficial properties of conditioned soils include:
  • Enhanced water infiltration - when the rate of water infiltration exceeds the rate of rainfall there is no erosion since in the absence of runoff water, erosion does not occur.

  • Reduce the amount of ¬†irrigation - well-structured soils have large macropores that eliminated capillary rise and wicking of soil moisture to the surface where water evaporates. Well structured soils function as a mulch.

  • Promote deeper rooting - with deep rooting, the available supply of water is increased since the soil volume occupied by roots is increased.

  • Make healthier, stronger plants with less disease - diseases are reduced with optimum growth conditions. Soil aerated is enhanced allowing for better growth.

  • Increase the efficiency of fertilization - large rooting volumes are more efficient in assimilating nutrients.

  • Increase the rate of soil reclamation - the rate of leaching salinity, soluble salts, boron, sodium, chloride, etc. is faster in conditioned soil with larger macropores.
P.A.M. Soil Conditioner

Primary Functions -- Increase soil tilth, aeration, and porosity and reduce compaction, dustiness and water run-off

Secondary Functions -- increase plant vigor, color, appearance, rooting depth and emergence of seeds while decreasing water requirements, diseases, erosion and maintenance expenses


Unless cultivated soils have their crumbs stabilized with mucilaginous materials such as humic acids and other cements, tilled soils usually revert to the prior untilled condition with irrigations and drying.

Soil Drain/P.A.M. is a water soluble mucilage which functions like organic matter except that it lasts for several decades and is required in small quantities only.

The space between soil crumbs become the major channels for air exchange, water movement into the soil and root growth. Water is still absorbed by the soil particles but the water moves into the soil avoiding its waste and the lack of aeration which occurs when soils are flooded.


Soil Drain/P.A.M. can be applied either as a dry granular powder or dissolved in water. Applications of dissolved Soil Drain/P.A.M. is normally used for transplants and for hydroseeding.

Since the action is to stabilize tilled soils and not to break up compaction, soils need to be tilled before treatment. After tillage, soils can be amended with low rates of organic amendments which can supply nutrients. Since low rates are used, burning of plant foliage is greatly lessened for most products. Gypsum is normally applied also to promote better soil conditioning.

Rates of application per 1,000 square feet are 6 to 9 pounds for sandy soils, 12 to 16 pounds for loamy soils and 20 pounds for clayey soils.

For transplants, the rate per cubic yard is about 1/4 pound if applied with water. For hydroseeding, the rate per 1,000 gallons is 1 to 4 pounds.


Treated soil becomes a mulch of soil which reduces evaporative water loss. Water infiltration is increased with better movement of salts thorough the soil profile. Salinity is reduced. The rate that sodium can be leached increases.

Some plant nutrients such as iron and potassium are more available in well aerated soil. With an increased rooting depth, the frequency of fertilizations is reduced. Also, healthier and more vigorous plants have less diseases and much better appearance and coloration.

Complete Green House and Patio Plant Nutrients
They Make Your Plants Flourish

The perfect nutrient source for container plants in soilless potting media. Balanced formulation for flowering and vegetative growth. Non-burning, long lasting, quick acting with no salt residues.

Complete Green Plant Nutrients were developed by UCLA Plant Nutrition Professor Arthur Wallace as a hydroponic-type source of nutrients. It is complete, meaning that it supplies all 13 of the essential plant nutrients in the required ratios. Most other products supply 3 nutrients. Some supply 7. Complete Green supplies all 13 nutrients. Besides preventing the deficiency of plant nutrients, the nutrients are present in hydroponic proportions where they are supplied in the proportions needed by plants (nutrients are in relative abundance according to the rate of utilization by plants as determined by extensive SCIENTIFIC TESTING). This prevents the accumulation of unused residues that may cause salt problems or may cause toxicity from excessive concentrations. Unlike other products; zinc, copper and boron are not claimed on the label because the quantities needed for plant use are less than what is required for listing on the label.

Complete Green Plant Nutrients have been tabletted for insertion into the root zone of plants. This alleviates the need for extra high relative levels of phosphorus and potassium. The tablets dissolve in the root zone as nutrients are needed. The leaching losses are minimal because the nutrients are where and when the plant needs them. The tablets make it easy to supply the correct amount without counting drops or measuring quantities. Iron is supplied in a chelated form to maintain iron availability.

Soluble nitrogen can wash right through the potting media with only as little as 2 percent being used by the plants. Several slow-release products are available to circumvent the nitrogen leaching problem, but they cause the plant owner all kinds of problems. If placed on the soil surface, they remain there and often do little good. The availability can be so slow that plants could die from nutritional deficiency. Complete Green solved the problem by making a combination of slow and fast-release nutrients for both immediate and long lasting effects. They last for 90 days. Multiple sources of nitrogen are used, not just 2 or 3 but 4. Another major advantage of this formulation is the safety of use. There is no leaf nor root burning. Additionally, Complete Green Plant Nutrients are pH balanced -- neither acid or alkaline forming. The tablets do not absorb water and have an indefinite shelf life.

Ordering Information
NPK (Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium) is 16 - 10 -14
with calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum and chlorine

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